ACMC2021 - Change, Adaptation and Innovation: Media, Communication and Culture


The conference theme for ACMC2021 at Auckland University of Technology, Aotearoa/New Zealand, 25-27 November 2021, covers a broad area signifying the imperative power of change. The conference is being organised by the Asian Congress for Media and Communication (ACMC) in association with AUT and the Pacific Media Centre.

Change is a constant in human communication. From climate change to technological innovation, communication and media play an integrative role for sustainable and progressive development. Mass Media likewise plays a crucial role in shaping public perception and influencing the powers that be. The conference explores how change is managed, embraced and adapted in communication and media. More research in this area is needed to fully explicate the complexities and nuances involving change – climate change and change management communication, paradigm shifts, cultural, technological and linguistic dynamics in diaspora and more.

The ACMC2021 International Conference will shortly be inviting papers addressing the conference theme.

Streams are likely to include but are not limited to:
1.     Reinventing communication paradigms
2.     Broadcast media in flux
3.     Media influence and impact
4.     Public Relations theory and practice
5.     Social media, digital media, and dynamic technologies
6.     Advertising, adaptations, and changing perspectives
7.     Communication, education challenges and changes
8.     Love, life, popular culture, and the new media
9.     Democracy and disinformation
10.  Language, culture and the dynamics of change
11.  Ethnicity, identity, gender, and the media
12.  Climate change communication, global crisis in the Asia-Pacific

More information soon

ACMC website: https://www.asianmediacongress.org/conferences


ACMC2021 updated website: https://acmc2021.org/

Auckland coordinator: Khairiah A. Rahman