Asia-Pacific Journalism Studies

Alistar Kata reports on her personal impressions from the post-coup Fiji General Election on 17 September 2014. The Pacific Media Centre covered the Fiji elections again in 2018. Video: PMC
Programmes, courses, internships and scholarships available

Study programmes and qualifications and scholarships available at AUT University with a link to the Pacific Media Centre.

Reporting Asia-Pacific and International Journalism Projects The Pacific Media Centre collaborates with Universitas Gadjah Mada and the University of the South Pacific on climate change and collaborative international journalism projects.

This includes the JOUR801 Asia-Pacific Journalism Studies postgraduate paper at AUT with a portfolio for Asia Pacific Report, and

JOUR810 International Journalism Project


Internships are also available with the Pacific Media Centre.

Projects and publications include:
Pacific Journalism Monographs
Pacific Journalism Review
Pacific Media Watch
Asia Pacific Report

Asia-Pacific Journalism Studies

Postgraduate Asia-Pacific Research Degrees

Bachelor of Communication Studies

Graduate Diploma in Pacific Journalism

Bachelor of Communication Studies

The media, communications and creative industries reach into every corner of society. Careers in this fast-growing field offer huge potential for graduates with the right training. AUT University’s Bachelor of Communication Studies (BCS) is New Zealand’s most sought after professional communications qualification. This degree gives students theoretical and practical experience over a wide range of communication fields.
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Postgraduate degrees
Bachelor of Communication Studies (Honours)
Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Studies
Master of Communication Studies
Master of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy

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Examples of current and recent postgraduate research in the PMC

Postgraduate Pacific journalism papersJOUR801 Asia Pacific Journalism Studies
JOUR801 Asia-Pacific Journalism Studies

JOUR810 International Journalism Project (on application)

Course publishing outlet
Asia Pacific Report is a new regional “hub” partnership venture between AUT University’s Pacific Media Centre and the independent news portal Evening Report.
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The Pacific Media Centre - TE AMOKURA - at AUT University has a strategic focus on Māori, Pasifika and ethnic diversity media and community development.