No Man is an Island - bringing communication and connectivity to the Pacific

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THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED: The Pacific Ocean is life itself. It’s on the frontlines for the fight for our planet. The Floating Foundation provides a platform for doctors, nurses, and marine scientists to help the environment and the peoples of this incredible ocean.

Archer MillerThe Floating Foundation’s director of communications, Archer Miller, explores and explains the importance of communication and media in relation to bringing positive lasting impact to Pacific communities.

She explores the importance of diversity in non-profits and how their efforts can only succeed with stakeholder power from the Pacific communities in question. How can we create a galvanised community of ocean caregivers using media and dialogue?

Who: Archer Miller, director of communications, Floating Foundation  
When: Thursday, 21 June 2018, 4.30-6pm (CANCELLED)
Where: WG608, City Campus  

Contact: Sylvia.Frain@aut.ac.nz

More information: The Floating Foundation

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