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18 November 2015

GLOBAL: RSF launches operation '#opendoor for reporters' in Paris

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RSF's new media support operation ... helping roving correspondents report from Paris. Image: GP

PARIS (Reporters Without Borders / Pacific Media Watch): Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is launching operation #opendoor for foreign reporters who come to Paris to cover the aftermath of last Friday’s tragic events. We are opening our doors to journalists who need an office (with phone and WiFi connection), logistic support or language assistance.

To the extent of its abilities, RSF says in a statement it will also help journalists who are seeking accommodation in Paris.

The operation is designed to assist journalists from media outlets with limited resources, so that they can operate in the French capital.

Roving correspondents know how essential the help of fixers and local journalists can be in certain cities.

RSF says it has a duty to show solidarity with reporters who have nowhere to turn in Paris.

RSF’s headquarters is located in the centre of Paris where both the January 7 attack on Charlie Hebdo and last Friday’s attacks took place.

Those who would like to benefit from operation #opendoor for reporters” can call RSF on +33 1 4483 8484 or email the agency at, providing evidence that they are journalists.

As a result of a grassroots initiative called #porteouverte (#opendoor), launched at the suggestion of journalist Sylvain Lapoix, hundreds of Parisians offered their homes as a refuge during last Friday’s attacks to those who were injured or who were stranded near the sites of the attacks and needed a place to stay.

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