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15 September 2018

PMC chair Camille Nakhid talks to TTT Live about 'decolonising' research

TTT's Now presenter Lisa Wickham (right) talks to PMC chair Associate Professor Camille Nakhid (left) and doctoral candidate Kara Beckford of the University of Auckland. Video: TTT
15 September 2018

An international conference in the Caribbean this week focusing on critical thinking, interrogative discourse and rigorous research has featured the Pacific Media Centre chair.

Associate Professor Camille Nakhid, of AUT's School of Social Sciences, who is also chair of the PMC advisory board, and doctoral candidate Kara Beckford (Māori-Jamaican heritage), University of Auckland, also appeared on the TTT Live (Trinidad and Tobago Television) programme Now.

Beckford's research is on 'Well being among women and femme-identified women of colour'.

They talked about shifting from Eurocentric approaches to research to Caribbean ways of knowing and indigenous research methodologies.

Keynote speaker at the two-day conference on the Valsayn campus of the University of Trinidad and Tobago was Dr Kassie Freeman, senior adviser to the provost and senior research fellow at the Institute for Urban and Minority Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York.

She is also founding president and CEO of the African Diaspora Consortium (ADC), a global organisation with a mission to positively impact on economic, educational, and artistic opportunities and outcomes across the African diaspora, with a particular focus on populations dispersed during the transatlantic slave trade.

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Camille Nakhid

PMC Advisory Board chair

Associate professor in the School of Social Sciences, AUT University.