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26 August 2015

VIDEO: Pacific broadcast media aim to get people 'to care' about key goals

Pacific Media Watch's Alistar Kata reports on community news and the UN sustainable development goals. PMC video

Alistar Kata
AUCKLAND (Pacific Media Watch): Beyond2015, a global campaign focused on working with civil society groups to develop their regions, plans to end poverty, inequality and climate change in the Pacific.

But the challenge is how to engage Pacific communities with these messages in a way they can understand.

Last weekend Pacific media were invited to a workshop in Auckland to come up with ways to get the message through.

Executive director for the Pacific Women Indigenous Network (PacificWIN) Pefi Kingi said using radio broadcasters is a strategy that has been identified for the task.

“Our mainstream stations have their agenda, which is set and fixed," she said.

"They don’t have the latitude that you would get from a community outfit and platform.”

Chairman from the Pacific Island Media Association (PIMA) Will 'Ilolahia said Pacific media needed to get Pacific people to care.

'Crucial message'
“We really need to use our media to get the message across, and that’s why I think PIMA is crucial in this area in regards to Pacific Island media, because I don’t think our Pacific Island communities fully understand what the SDGs (sustainable development goals) are and also the millennium development goals (MDGs) and so it’s crucial for us to get this out.”

PacificWIN member Leota Alice Meredith said Pacific people needed to know how these goals affected them.

“It matters, and why does it matter? Because on a global level, there are people there who have been put in charge to actually ensure that these concepts and the well- being of our people, regardless of where we are in the world, that this is actually maintained, and that’s not happening.”

Beyond2015 campaign

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Alistar Kata

Pacific Media Watch project contributing editor 2015

Alistar Kata is of Cook Island, Māori (Ngapuhi) descent and is a Communication Studies Honours student at AUT and Pacific Media Watch contributing editor.