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12 August 2016

NZ: New doco reveals how Tokelau leads the world in the 'solar revolution'

The documentary hopes to raise awareness around the advantages of solar power energy in the global struggle against climate change. Image: Solar Nation of Tokelau

AUCKLAND (Asia Pacific Report/ Pacific Media Watch): The Asia-Pacific premiere of a documentary showcasing how the Tokelau group of atolls became the world's first solar powered territory was screened this week in Auckland.

The Solar Nation of Tokelau, directed by Ulli Weissbach, puts the Pacific island in the spotlight as the first territory to be free of CO2 emissions.

Through the documentary, locals on the island are able to share with the world how solar-powered energy has provided power to every household, making life easier and creating better education opportunities.

Above all, Tokelau shows how some of the smallest countries are effectively fighting against the global threat of climate change.

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