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23 November 2020

WEST PAPUA: Indonesian security forces attack Papuan musician, say activists

Papuan musician Kris Douw ... attacked by Indonesian security forces. Image: Free West Papua Campaign

JAYAPURA (Free West Papua Campaign/Asia Pacific Report/Pacific Media Watch): A young West Papuan musician, Kris Douw, who has written many powerful protest songs against Indonesia’s illegal military occupation in his homeland, has been beaten up by security forces, allege activists.

Douw was atacked about 8am on by Indonesian special forces at the Kodim Complex in Nabire, Papua, according to the Free West Papua Campaign website.

He suffered injuries to the face, including several broken teeth, and his body.

The website has circulated photographs of his injuries on social media, but did not give more details about the alleged attack.

“Shame on the Indonesian forces who carried out this cruel attack! This only goes to show the power that music holds,” the website said in a statement.

“A simple song of freedom is enough to make any Indonesian soldier tremble with fear at the idea of Papuans mobilising and becoming inspired after listening.

“This is why it is so important for musicians and songwritters worldwide to use their talents and privileges to expose what is really going on in Occupied West Papua.

“Because West Papuan musicians who do this are automatically at risk of being intimidated [such as the Vanuatu-based exiled group Black Brothers]. or tortured or even murdered [as in the case of Arnold Ap in 1984]…

“If they sing about what’s really going on in West Papua.”

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